Amorgos - a paradise in Greece

Amorgos på Svenska.
Chora at Amorgos.

Amorgos is one of Greece's most legendary - and popular - islands. In one of our other Swedish websites (Kalimera), we have an annual vote on the best Greek island: almost every year since 2002, Amorgos has been voted as one of the best three islands. We also have another voting called "My dream island" in which readers vote for their Greek dream destination. Amorgos has come in first place almost every year. Those who have been on Amorgos think it's one of the best Greek islands, and those who had not been to Amorgos dream to go there. Isn't it amazing!

Everything started when the movie "The Big Blue", which partly was shot on Amorgos, was released in cinemas in 1988 and became something of a breakthrough for the island. One can speak of a before and after. Before the film was launched, it was mainly curious island hoppers in search of authentic island who travelled to Amorgos. After the movie success, everyone wanted to go to the island with the remarkable monastery and the blue sea. The film quickly gained a cult status, which the great photo and the beautiful strange music greatly contributed. The film is about two friends' obsessed struggle to set world records in free diving; in the end it becomes a tremendous prestige fight between them.

Amorgos. The big blue.

Amorgos - The big blue.

This website has nothing to do with the movie, but a site about Amorgos has to start with something, and it was this. is a tribute to my favourite Greek island, initially there are only a few pictures (more to come), later I will write about everything needed for a trip to Amorgos.

Until then, I refer to where you can read more about Amorgos.

Right now there are published pictures from the villages of Chora, Egiali, Katapola, Langada, Tholaria and Vroutsi, from the beaches of Agia Anna and Mouros, from the monastery of Panagia Chosoviotissa and from the amazing place where the chapel of Profitis Elias watches over Amorgos. Click on the links above to see the pictures. If you want to see all the pictures from start to finish, click here...

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